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Dropping connection to OBD Fusion....
I have three Automatic Pro Golds and a Gen2. I also have OBD Fusion. I am using an iPhone 7+ with the most recent OS10. I manually connec...
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Support for additional PIDs (for Prius/Hybrid information)
As a Prius owner, it would be nice to support additional PIDs (like HV SoC, individual battery pack voltages, etc). OBD Fusion won't let ...
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Consistently unable to connect OBD Fusion to vehicle
Just purchased an Automatic Pro and am able to connect the Automatic Android app to it and synch without issue... However, after purchasi...
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OBD connection failure
I've purchased the OBD Fusion app (as listed in the Automatic App as compatible) but cannot get it to connect. I'm following all instruct...
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OBD Fusion generates error "Unauthorized Request" when trying to connect to Automatic
I was able to connect the Automatic Pro to the Automatic app just fine. When trying to get it setup with OBD Fusion, i get logged in via ...
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