Android v1.1 is Now Available!

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We’re really excited to announce the 1.1 release of our Android app, which includes IFTTT integration as well as the adjustable speed feedback feature.

In a nutshell: 
  • IFTTT integration
  • Adjustable speed feedback
  • Bug fixes & improvements

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT, which stands for “if this then that”, is a simple service that lets you create powerful connections between triggers and actions on the internet, like automatically turning your house lights on when you park by your house, or emailing your mechanic if you check engine light comes one. You can read more about IFTTT here.

A great example of the power of IFTTT and Automatic is the simple case of grocery shopping.  We’ve all had the experience of getting home from a trip to the store, only to find out that our spouse or roommate needed something, but didn’t know we were at the store.  With IFTTT and Automatic, you can prevent this by setting up a trigger which will send out a text whenever you park your car near, for example, your favorite grocery store.  This gives them all the time they need to send you a request for that last-minute change to the recipe.  Try it out yourself!

Another good example is carpooling. Let’s say you typically pick up your spouse, kids, or friends every day on your way home from work, but despite your best efforts, you occasionally end up running late, leaving your carpool passengers scratching their heads, not knowing when you’ll arrive. It’s cumbersome to have to pull out your phone to text to everyone in your carpool letting them know you’ll be late, but with IFTTT and Automatic, you can simply set up a trigger which will automatically text them whenever you leave work, or simply when you’re within a few miles of their location.  This way they’ll always know exactly when you’re on your way! Give it a try.

Adjustable Speed Feedback

One of the most popular requests from our customer community was to let users adjust the speed at which Automatic warns you that you’re driving too fast. Some folks wanted to avoid speeding tickets in states with much higher speed limits, while others felt the optimum speed for their car is different than the pre-determined 70 MPH threshold.

Keep in mind that for now your drive score is still impacted by how much time you spend over 70 MPH, regardless of your custom speed threshold. We’re already working on an update to address this issue, so stay tuned.  To get to the feature, click the Profile screen, then “Audio Settings”, “Speed Feedback”, and then on the “Speed Threshold” setting.  Note that this feature requires updated firmware.

Please note that the Feedback Threshold feature requires firmware version (0.8.64), and if you do not yet see this feature within the app, it’s likely that you have not received the latest firmware update. Version (0.8.64) began rolling out to users today, and we expect 100% of users to receive it by the end of this week. Here's more info on how firmware updates work.

Please also note that once you download v1.1 of the app and have the latest version of firmware (0.8.64), you will need to connect to your Link and complete a trip before the Feedback Threshold will appear under the "Speeding" menu.

We’re looking forward to delivering more features for Android users in the coming months. Stay tuned!

See the blog post and download the Automatic Android app on Google Play now.
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