Can I paint the Automatic Pro without ruining 3G?

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The white color of the Automatic Pro is too obvious for my taste when plugged in... can I scuff up the plastic (after masking off the plug) and spray paint in matte black? There was a thread 3 years ago that suggests I can but I'm wondering if a thin coat of paint would in any way mess with the 3G signal that the Pro uses? Thanks!
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Stretch a piece of your girlfriends stockings over it.
My wife won't like me using my girlfriend's stockings is the problem. ;-)
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Hi Canyonblue - I checked in with our VP of Hardware Engineering on this. He says: "depends on the paint - nothing with metal flakes in it and I'd steer clear of enamel unless it's a super thin coating. otherwise it sounds reasonable"

Of course, if you paint it, that voids our manufacturer's warranty for returning or exchanging it, so that decision is up to you! :)
Thanks for checking with someone so involved with the hardware design. I fully understand it voids the warranty but I'll be sure to use flat matte paint and I'll chime in to let you know how it goes next week. That said add me to the folks requesting a darker color adapter to better blend in vehicles where the adapter is visible to the driver when plugged in!


Merry Christmas!
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No problem. Merry Christmas to you too!
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Definitely see value in making these black instead of white.
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Black paint contains carbon, which is radio-opaque and will degrade communications. In fact, just about anything black that you might use to cover it, such as black paper or electrical tape, contains carbon. We use a black paint undercoat to attenuate RF signals between rooms.

I recommend going with some kind of removable tape that is some other dark color than black, such as navy blue. You can remove the tape if it turns out to be a problem.
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Thanks for sharing that helpful advice, mbeckman!
I'm the original poster from 6 months ago. I have since run two Automatic Pro adapters in my cars for the entire 6 months, both painted matte black with typical all purpose spray paint that adheres to plastic, both with 2 fairly thick coats. the adapters have functioned flawlessly and i have had ZERO issues with connectivity. only thing to be careful of is to write down and note the serial number / code on the adapter before you spray paint it.

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