Combine multiple legs (with greater than 15 mins stop) as one trip.

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I went on a road trip and has to naturally stop for breakfast (> 15 mins) and lunch (> 15 mins again). This broke the trip into 3 pieces and not one single trip. Pics below.

It would be so much nicer if the whole drive was shown as one single (road) trip.

Implementation suggestion: the 15 min toggle that is present, you guys can give an option below that let me choose another time (so that I choose longer durations on road trips) or give it a whole new spin to Roadtrips.

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Praveen P N

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Praveen. Thanks for your feedback regarding the Brief Stops feature. As you mentioned, there are times when you're going to spend a longer time in between stops (especially on those longer road trips), and for some users, 15 minutes is a pretty quick turnaround for lunch and a bathroom break! In the future we hope to further refine trip merging features for users, and we'll keep your feedback in mind when doing so. 
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This would be a nice feature. Perhaps long press to bring up an option to merge up/down, with details after the merge on how long the drive and stops were.

Dang Praveen, I would love to have that MPG.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled It would be nice to have the possibility to merge different tracks in one single ....
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Hey Gaddo. I merged your post into a related discussion expanding the time limit for brief stops so we can efficiently keep track of this request :) This idea is currently under consideration.
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I'll add my two cents.

Please give us the ability to combine trips in the dashboard. The 15-minute "Brief Stop" setting in the app is a bit arbitrary. Sometimes a stop at a highway rest stop takes a bit longer than 15 minutes and it's annoying to have what's clearly one long trip broken up by an arbitrary setting.

For that matter, it'd be nice if we could determine just what constitutes a "Brief Stop" on our own. On day to day driving maybe 15 minutes is fine. On a long multi-hour jaunt, I might want to set it to 20 or 30 minutes to accommodate rest stops that aren't true destinations.
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I would certainly like the ability for the user to set the duration of the "Brief Stop" for themselves AND the ability to join two or more short trips into one single longer trip as others have suggested/requested.
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ksw475 .

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I find that when I try to classify trips that have been combined, the app won't let me. Touching the business button does nothing in this situation.
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Thanks for getting in touch.

This is a known bug in the iOS app. Our team is working on a fix that will be in the next update. For the time being, you can use a workaround by disabling the Brief Stops features.

To do so, open the app and go to the settings tab. In the second grouping, you will find Brief Stops. Open that section and toggle it to Off. This will fix the issue for the time being, and once the bug is resolved, you will be able to turn back on Brief Stops.,
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Hi, I'm new to the community, is there any update on this feature. I see this has been under consideration for over a year. Will the merging of trips or lengthening stops be available soon?
King regards
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Hi Huw,

Welcome to the Automatic Community :)

We don't have any updates to share regarding this feature. While something is under consideration (or even planned), it doesn't mean it is something we are officially working on but rather something we'd like to do when it fits both our product roadmap and available resources.

Our team is currently working on the next major update of the app and they are making use of this Community for the feedback our users have shared. 

Thanks again, Huw!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Flexibility for longer trips.

Suggested enhancement: Allow users to combine two or more consecutive trips into a single trip. For the combined trip, show elapsed time and driving time. Rationale: often rest stops take longer than 15 minutes and when that occurs, the trip is separated into multiple trips. Statistics on the entire trip, rather than individual legs between rest stops, would be most useful. Thank you.
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Hey, Steve! I merged your post into this related thread. As you can see, there are other users who have the same idea and it's currently Under Consideration! Thank you so much for the feedback :)
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The brief trips option doesn't appear to work on the website. I have a 900+ mile trip with 4 brief stops that the app hangs when displaying, so I am trying to view it on the website. The website is displaying it as separate trips and I can't find an option to combine them.
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Hi Chris - Are you still using a Gen 1 adapter? If so, there is a "Brief Stops" setting in the app but they'll still show up as separate trips in the Web Dashboard. (The new app doesn't currently have a "Brief Stops" feature at all)

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