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Purchased Automatic Pro yesterday, Installed the app and IFTTT on the phone.  Was more time consuming that it should have been, a pita.  Set up 3 geofences.  Drove to those locations.  No notifications received.  Geofence setup seemed simple enough to do, but was a pita.  Perhaps I missed something.  Enlighten me.   Also annoyed the dashboard does not do real-time tracking.  Also not pleased the dongle is large, and white (whom would not notice it).  Let's focus on the geofence issue.  I've 15 days to return this.
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Hi kp. This can happen if the geofence size is too small. Can you please try increasing the size to 1000 meters or more? If that doesn't fix it or your geofences were already that big or bigger, please send screenshots of your geofences to so Tech Support can investigate. 
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Thank you Amy,
I created the geofence,
just after PRO setup, while in my vehicle (using the phone),
I do remember, when I set up this geofence,
there was a warning in red, to make it larger. 
I did not.

Q: you do mean 1000m diameter, not radius ???
NOTE: one can't tell how large an area is,
was not displayed on the 'map'. I did look.
Granularity just is not there.

That screen can't be found now.
I recall was 'location' and it was 'green'.
This does not work in the PC Dashboard.
I go here
Login, then go to...
sez 'You have not connected any apps yet.'  <<<<<<<<<<<<
I go to
'Location' is not there... <<<<<<<<
but IFTTT is...

I have applied these IFTTT apps on
- the PC dashboard
- the phone
None works.

Here are those appletts...

Created on Mar 28 2017
Location Enter/exit area ? push notification
by kev 620 works with Notifications

Created on Mar 28 2017
Location Send yourself an email each time you enter an area
by kev 77 works with Email

Created on Mar 28 2017
Receive a notification when you enter a certain location
Set a reminder for yourself when you enter a specific locaiton.
by koolkiwi works with Notifications

NOTE: I said one cannot tell the distance of the geozone
either in the PC not the phone.
Granularity just is not there.

NOTE: I want text or email notifications, not a beep.

On the phone, I open the Automatic App
Shows:: Timeline, Health, Insights, Glovebox
None links to setting up a geofence, nor modifing it.

On the phone, I open the IFTTT App
goto 'my applets
Yes, can edit the (only) geozone in each applet...
but again, can't tell size of zone...
and none warns of a zone too small...
which I did see before.

You want 'screen shots'???
Of what, there is nothing to screenshot.

So I will say it again...
"Perhaps I missed something.  Enlighten me."
This means please supply 'very detailed' instructions...
of setting up the geozone(s).
I want 4.

upon setup of the Automatic Pro...
WHY was I 'forced' to give my credit card info ???

Ken (annoyed)
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Hi kp. None of those applets you mentioned are Automatic applets. If you don't see IFTTT on, that means you have not set up IFTTT for Automatic at all. 

1000 meters is pertaining to the radius.

As for your last question, our app never asks for a credit card. That sounds like something your iTunes account did. Did it happen when you were first attempting to download the Automatic app? The App Store does sometimes require folks to confirm their credit card details to verify their identity so perhaps that's why you saw that? 
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"None of those applets you mentioned are Automatic applets."
Yes I know ...
" that means you have not set up IFTTT for Automatic at all."

But I did, saw the 'green' app, used it, (that was after setting up dongle in car)
using my Samsung Galaxy S4 (I don't have any apple devices)
This phone is not rooted, and has bare minimum apps installed.

Obviously that geofence was 'too small',
BTW, 1000 meters = 3280 feet, quite large, but I have a concept as why.

"our app never asks for a credit card",
Well it did, that was during setup, after entering adaptor serial #.
Caught me off guard, had to get my card.
This was before installing a geofence,
and before installing IFTTT.
I have checked my account, nothing posted.

Perhaps I should mention...
I am not a 'typical' user' of your product.
I am 'hard core it",
I have a BS Engineering Degree (1978)
core in Electronics and Comms.
I do systems, large systems, *nix
mainframe, midframe, datacenters, mil sites.
All varients of comms.
And have for 40+ years.

Here I have a SOHO,
a commercial qual core router...
to a high end router/wifi device
to end devices...
which are filtrered by mac address
in a limited dhcp pool.
This is triple natted...
This is very locked down, with additional filters.
Internet is EPB, 1GB up/down (confirmed).
I have a femtocell to boost 3G/4G Lte.
Cell comms is T-Mobile (unlimited data).

After installing The Automatic Pro app, on phone,
(required fot setup from the onset)
and then seeing the 'forced enter CC info'
I was concerned.
I scanned my phone, desktops,
and used various other tools to
ensure my systems, in total, are ok.
They are ok.
I have not been compromised on my end.

I am not a newbie.
I can code in assembler.
I am a 'Whitehat'. If you know what that means.

No more If, ands, or but's...
I clearly requested Full Setup Instructions
So do it.
I will likely have to blank this profile and start over.
So let's get on with it.

If my 'tone' comes off 'harsh,
please consider that I, in my world,
this and what I do is black-n-white.
No shades of grey.
If I screw up a companies system, hell to pay.

I appreciate your time,
I expect a quick reply.

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Hi Ken, 

I'm Adam, in charge of the Product department here. Firstly, I'm very sorry we've caused such frustration and taken up so much of your time. It means a lot to us that you're spending your valuable time to troubleshoot this. Sounds like you have quite the impressive technical background, so let's see if we can figure this out together. There may be some product miscommunication on our part - if so please accept my apologies. Apologies as well if some of this is already clear to you, I'm trying to be comprehensive and that may be sometimes redundant:

Getting IFTTT Connected
In the Automatic app, our built-in IFTTT applets service is shown by default to all users in the navigation menu. Although it is shown, it still needs to be connected by having you sign in to an IFTTT account. So seeing IFTTT in the menu alone does not mean you have it connected to your Automatic account.

Amy had some engineers look in our backend and there isn't a valid connection token authorizing your Automatic account to talk to IFTTT yet, so that's issue #1 to work on. As mentioned before, it is possible to verify which apps are connected in the web dashboards Apps section, so the fact that you're not seeing IFTTT listed there for your account is consistent with our findings that it's not yet connected.

To connect, one can either do it in our app or on the webpage. I'll treat mainly the in our-app experience here: If doing it in our app, one needs to go to the IFTTT section of the Automatic app and turn on one of the applets, at which point IFTTT will prompt you to sign in to IFTTT or create an IFTTT account if you don't have one. You only need to do this once ever. If you are signing in with an existing IFTTT account, it will do the rest in the background.

If you are creating a new IFTTT account in our app, here it gets a little wonky as you can get dropped into their standard user on boarding experience that may show you applets that aren't Automatic's. For context, the page one would be on, though rendered in our app, is actually being served by IFTTT and we can't control what's on it at this point. Only certain applets on IFTTT work with Automatic, so its most likely that the applets presented at this point would not be the ones compatible with us. When you turn on an applet, it will ask you to log in to the accounts of any services that applet needs access to, or try to auto connect in the background in some cases. What this means is that until you specifically try to turn on an Automatic-compatible IFTTT recipe, it won't attempt to make that connection back to your Automatic account.

The recipes you referenced in your post above are unfortunately not Automatic compatible IFTTT applets. They are from the "Location" trigger channel in IFTTT, which is admittedly poorly named on their part, but refers only to location data as collected by your phone while having the native IFTTT app installed and running. It is the channel available on the web at Automatic's location data from your vehicle will never make it to applets on this channel. This "Location" channel is a channel of IFTTT and not part of Automatic. As such, it is not listed on our app gallery, as you correctly mention. Also, since the applets you have setup are not Automatic triggers, the discussion about the radius being set to small is moot; that's not the issue. Rather the data is never being sent to those applets in the first place.

To get Automatic compatible applets, see the channel page at or inside the Automatic app simply exit the IFTTT section then re-enter it to load the default page again. Connecting any of the applets there will prompt you to sign in to your Automatic account to authorize the data connection to IFTTT (if you do it on the web), or auto-connect the two (if you do it in our App). Once you do either of those your Automatic and IFTTT accounts should be talking, and you would see IFTTT listed in the web dashboard. At this point, the applets would be expected to work. But remember, only the applets compatible with Automatic as the trigger will ever receive location data from Automatic.

A side note, if this sounds like the flow you went through, perhaps it was an IFTTT page that asked you for a credit card. We're sorry if that happened. Amy was correct that we as Automatic never ask for a credit card. And if it is something you can replicate, I would really like to understand where in the flow you encountered this (perhaps with a screenshot) so we can make sure other people don't run into it as well.

Thank you again for the time you've spent on our dear product. It means a lot that you cared enough to write in, and we want to make sure everyone can get what they want out of it. I've learned from your reports how we can improve the experience, so I thank you for that. If we managed to mislead someone of your great technical ability, it's a big issue for those not as advanced and we need to make sure we take care of them too.

I hope this helps bring some clarity and enables you to get setup. If you'd like to take this to a private thread, feel free to email me directly at

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Thank you Adam,

Yes, the CC info request was from IFTTT,

"If you are creating a new IFTTT account in our app, here it gets a little wonky as you can get dropped into their standard user on boarding experience"
- That is what happened

Yes, I got to the correct web location,
and associated the Automatic App.
It shows in the dashboard.
*** note: I have disabled those other IFTTT apps.

Concerning geofence...
Set up one, did not test it...
Dont know if I can even set up multiple fences.

Have a look at this page
scroll down a little, look to the right.
That is what I was expecting to do.
No, that ability is nowhere to be found.

At this point it does not matter,
I filed for divorce yesterday, grounds...
- adultry
- inappropiate spousal behaviour.

While I do still need a 'tracker' on my vehicle(s),
The Automatic Pro seems to be lacking.
I will return it.

I would make the following comments...
#1 - make the dongle smaller, (it is too obvious)
#2 - change the dongle color to flat black (it is too obvious)
#3 - get 'real time tracking' functional in (the web browser
#4 - drop the fancy packaging box (save some $$$)
#5 - change from 'vehicle concentric' to 'user concentric'
(I want to move that dongle on a whim tween my 3 vehicles)
#6 - make setup a breeze (under 3 minutes)
#7 - look at that page,
i mentioned earlier, make that happen.
#8 - multiple geofences should be possible,
and somehow cross synced so its easier to set up
#9 - tracking if towed...
I read the dongle uses 5.5 mA at standby,
and this 'feature' is not available 'cause it could drain the battery'.
I disagree.
That unit should be able to fire it's location, say every 20 min,
and use what in terms of draw, 30 mA?
If a battery is so depleted as to not be able to sustain this,
for even 3 months, that battery should have been replaced.

There is more I could say, many have mentioned other issues.
For me, guess I'm done.
Remember I did say I still need tracking,
and that is why >80% are buying this product.

As Forrest Gump said,
"and that's all I've got to say about that".

Thanks again Adam.

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Ken, I'm sorry we weren't able to meet your standards with the offering we have today, and completely understand that you're moving on. If you bought directly from us and are still within the return window, I hope you'll make use of our no questions asked refund policy. Write in to if you'd like to pursue that and bought from our website directly. (If you bought elsewhere, you'll have to return though them and should be able to.)

We're trying to make it better each day and perhaps we can appeal to you sometime down the line when we've been able to put more elbow grease into it.

I want to thank you again for spending so much time thinking about and writing out for us the detailed nuances that could make this experience sing for you. We'll do our best to be better.

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I returned the unit today to BestBuys.
Next is to remove the vehicle thru
having to do that is really lame.

'We'll do our best to be better.'
It seems the company really needs a cash infusion...
I've been there, got the T-Shirt.
(Try doing this in SE Asia, as I did.)

Perhaps I may return,
depends upon those items I previously mentioned are addressed.

Thank you Adam.


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