Honda Accord Hybrid "Auto Stop" reports as multiple trips.

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Greetings, my 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid (V6 engine -- NOT a plug in, etc.) has an "Auto Stop" function which stops the engine when you come to a stop.
I've found that when the "Auto Stop" function engages or disengages, it makes my Automatic Pro believe that the car is "Parked" then "Driving", and thus sending gratuitous notifications to my iPhone.
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Posted 12 months ago

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Note, i did just notice this thread: which was closed without a true/actual resolution:

It should be known that (at least with my car Year/Model Honda Accord) when the Auto Stop feature is engaged, the DC Battery Voltage still remains at 13+ volts (at a typical point a 'normal' car would be at). If I was to turn the key back to "Off" while Auto Stop'd, I would see the voltage return to the true 12V battery voltage.

Real life example:
12V battery voltage: 12.2 Volts
Gas Engine on, in park, stopped: Digital voltmeter showing 13V+
Driving, come to stop, engine turns off (Auto Stop mode ENGAGED): Digital voltmeter showing 13V+
Turning key to "OFF" when car was in Auto Stop mode: Voltage goes from 13V+ to 12.2 volts.

I know the Automatic Pro does some thinking about battery voltage (it was giving me trouble when setting it up for the first time).... Could this thinking be involved for trip records?

Ex: If RPM = 0 and battery voltage 13V+, car isn't parked / trip not complete.
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Hi Christopher - I'm asking Tech Support to take a look at your case. 

Also, I'm confused as to why you're thinking that other post you found is closed? While we did solve the issue for the original poster and as such, marked his "Question" as "Answered", it's still an open conversation that anyone can contribute to. 
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Hi Christopher - I checked in with our Senior Automotive Engineer about your issue. He says that the 2007 Accord Hybrid doesn’t support the necessary PIDs to handle this specific vehicle which is why our adapter reads the auto stop as an engine-off. I shared your suggestion with him but he says that it's unfortunately not that simple and we already implement a more complex version of that. The alternative would result in draining batteries on a lot of other cars as 13+ volts can be read with an engine off and the vehicle locked.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for you on this issue right now. 
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Same car, same issue. Could we have the ability to combine trips in-app?
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Hi cocoaman,

Thank you for the suggestion, but that currently isn't planned, unfortunately.
Sorry to bring back my old thread... 

I took a long trip this past weekend and was reviewing the data today, what a mess... a different "trip" each and every time the Auto Stop function engaged....

Has any progress on this been made?

Also, what are the specific PID's in use, the ones mentioned above, which are incompatible with this vehicle?