How to overlap trip route on google map?

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How to export trip to google map?
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Posted 2 years ago

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From what? The app? From the app you can tap on the map, and get a bigger one, or from the dashboard you can zoom into the drive segment. if you just want to get your trip on a map, you could probably create something with IFTTT, part of the information in the new trip completed trigger is trip url which is on google maps.
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Hi, Jacky. I don't have anything to add. :) Did Robert's suggestions help? If not, can you please clarify what it is you're wanting to do? Thanks.
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I think the OP wants to be able overlay a collection of lat/long coordinates on a Google map ... you can do that through the Google Maps API ... IF Automatic exports waypoint collections (which I haven't seen yet) ... the other option might be a KML file ....

All this stuff would make great enhancements to Automatic for the prosumer community and could open the door to third party developer products and collaborations
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Here's some information on how to overlay lat/lng coordinates on a Google map using the path field.
at the bottom of that page you'll find links to github to download code that implements that algorithm.

You can test how any path looks here:
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I logged the GPS coordinates using OBD Fusion and then it was easy to import them into Google Maps. There was a clickable icon on the map that displayed all of the log data for that point. OBD Fusion logs about every second. When importing you can choose which item from the log file to use as point name and which item to use as a label, for example speed or seconds, or distance.
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If you go to the dashboard, you can choose to export trip information, which will have a "path" column. It looks like gobble-de-gook but it's actually encoded Lat/Lon information. If you take that and add it to the Google Maps API, you can create a static map. As an example:

Will give you an example of a trip I took a while back. Essentially you need to take:|weight:5|enc:

add your "path" and then add &format=jpg at the end. Note, if your path has backslashes in it (\) you might need to escape them by adding an extra (\\).

If you plan to do more than one or two, you'll need to get an API key from Google.