Low Fuel Alert in Pro adapter and App

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Add low fuel alert feature to the Pro adapter and App. Since an alert would need to go somewhere, please add the current fuel level in the App under the car's location section.

How many votes are needed for this to become a priority?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Dan. Thanks for adding the idea to the community. There's no set formula for number of votes. Seeing customer need and desire for a particular feature gets considered along with other inputs from the business and balanced with the resources at hand and the various competing priorities. Here's a handy FAQ about how we use this community and what the "statuses" on topics mean.

The thing that's tricky with fuel alerts is that it only works in about 50% of cars as it depends upon the car itself being able to report its fuel level and fill-ups via the OBD port. The good news is that it seems that some car manufacturers are building in this capability more and more in their newer models. The other tricky piece is that even for the cars that do report fuel level, there is some percentage of them that don't report it consistently. 

There's certainly interest here in adding this feature to Pro, but also taking the time to improve it as much as possible and ensure it's as reliable as we can make it. 
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Please just provide a multiple check box style, or a timed check box (wait 10 seconds then make available to click the checkbox) to agree to the terms that it is not entirely accurate and differs per car. I can see mine is very accurate when asking Alexa and using OBD Fusion in the car. Please add the feature of a fuel gauge to the home screen of the app next to the cartoon image of my car. That would be IMMENSELY helpful.
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100% agree. Could also show it in during the setup process. Let's get this feature in the app!
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Under the same logic, can you make it self populate the fill-up? Mine reports the tank capacity and percentage full. The logic would be simple, if I have 20 gallon tank that goes from 75% full to 100% full, I added 5 gallons......
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I just upgraded to the Pro, and I miss the low fuel alert. :( I guess my car is one that supports it because it worked on my old adapter, which was awesome because it would send the notification to my Apple watch. Any idea when that feature will be ported over to the new Pro app? 
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No ETA unfortunately, but if we do decide to re-introduce that feature, we'll definitely let our users know. 
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Please re-add. This is the NUMBER ONE reason I used the Automatic (Gen 1 and now Gen 2) and without it the Pro is worthless to me and I will return.
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Thanks for the feedback, Devenie. 
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I will say this, listening to the feedback from consumers are important.  Some other company will come along and create the options that are in so demand by the consumers then your product will be outdated and old tech.  Right now you have the majority of the consumers but If you do not keep up with the demand, people will move on to a new better product.  Peoples attention span's are small when it comes to tech.

I am saying this because I would love to see your company succeed, but in order to do this you have to make your app versatile and can integrate with other platforms.  You have a developed API and you really need to focus on the options available to the consumers from the API so it can be integrated into as much as possible.

This will bring even more consumers your way because they will be able to do so much with your product.  I guess what I am saying is keep up with the demand or your company will be left behind and someone else will come in and take your place.

Give the consumer as many options as possible and things that are a limitation with their specific vehicle is nothing you can control, but put the options out there. 

These are small wins for your company that means a ton to the consumer and is another selling point you can use.  Even if it is not on the current schedule for release, adjust your schedule and meet the demands of your user base.

I am a programmer and I do API development so I do understand this is not easy.  Most things worth doing are not easy.

For every person that wants a feature, there are about 10 people that stay silent in the background wanting that same feature.
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I could not have agreed more with you on this, Shawn. 

To be fair, I understand that Automatic and team are juggling prioritizes and have resource constraints, it seems a lot of what the community are asking for in terms of features are in the back-burner.  I mean some of the recent updates to the app just weren't very exiting.  I'd love to see the day when some of the Lab work get implemented into the mobile app for a full experience (battery, data, score..etc.).  Right now, the different tabs in the app just seemed...so pedestrian, so empty.  In fact, I once tried to install other OBDII apps, like Dash, and the old Gen Automatic app to see if I could access the old features.  I obviously didn't get it to work.

I understand that a lot of what we share here in terms of feedback are passed on the appropriate teams in Automatic, but I would love to see Automatic implement these ideas that the community are putting together.  There are lot of awesome ideas being passed around here that could make a grade A product.  But without execution (or timely execution) it is rather unfortunate.

Lastly, this is beyond me, but perhaps you could give us some insight on why Automatic PRO chose to be a car-centric device?  I'm sure there was a business reason to this.  It just seemed so counter-intuitive to me from a product perspective.  Just seems so inferior, when you can CHOOSE to be the best of both worlds and offer what people want (car + user). 



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I completely agree. I bought the pro with the hope that my vehicles would be compatible. And they both are but the pro is collecting and not reporting data? that seems silly. 
OBD Fusion gives me fuel consumption and average mpg but not fuel remaining. This is just simple math. When I bought the Automatic I figured the pro would have MORE features than the normal one NOT less. This is very frustrating. 
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This feedback has been shared with the Product team and they're looking into it. New features have already been added to Pro that weren't there when we launched it and we are continuing to work on more. If you haven't read it yet, here's a FAQ about why the initial feature-set of Pro is different than Gen 1 & 2. 
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Andrew Perry

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I would like to see this feature added.  It is a somewhat easily added implementation.  I understand the limitations and the issues that can arise.   Please put this at the top of your list.  
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Michael Leonard

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Fuel remaining isn't hard to calculate. We record a fill up. You know the tank capacity. You can read the miles driven since the fill up and you can calculate the average mileage since the fill up. How hard is it to display range remaining? I have a car that does not display range. It has a simple fuel needle gage that is not accurate. Having range and fuel remaining would be a nice thing to have. Your mobile app doesn't display much of anything. Thanks to OBD Fusion I can get a display on their app of average mileage. I can calculate range remaining by taking the miles driven off of my dash trip display. Why do I have to use my calculator when your app can easily do this? If it wasn't for the functions that OBD Fusion gives me I'd be seriously thinking of returning my Automatic.
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They don't need to calculate anything. Cars report the current fuel level to Automatic. They have the data. You can pull it from Automatic's API.

I've been waiting for over a year for this feature. If it's important to you, return the Automatic device and get something else.

BTW: I also own a competitor's product and it displays current fuel level.
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Michael Leonard

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I have tried to get OBD fusion to display the fuel remaining and it does not, but it is a choice in their app. It will display the fuel rate, average mileage and instantaneous mileage. I don't know that my car sends the fuel remaining information to the OBD port. Some cars don't from what I read.
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Michael Leonard

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After checking on my other car it seems that the Automatic is not sending the fuel remaining information. My 2nd car does have a dash display for fuel remaining so I know that it sends the information. OBD Fusion does not display fuel remaining on this car either.
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When you log in to the dashboard does it give fuel consumption or trip cost? If so, it's grabbing the fuel level(s) :)
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Michael Leonard

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It does give fuel cost on the dashboard. If it is grabbing the fuel levels then why won't it display them when I use OBD Fusion? It could be calculating the fuel consumption from the average mileage and the trip length.

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Is the low fuel alert available now on Pro? If yes, how to set it?
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I'm a new AutomaticPro owner.  From reading these threads about requesting new functionality and how simplistic it would be to implement vs "other priorities", it sounds like they may have very few or a single software developer(s) working on the application.  Earlier in this thread, dotMorten demonstrated how adding fuel level measurement capability can be readily done.  The problem appears to be that they have way too few resources allocated to supporting this product.  Perhaps one of the community members will implement a simple app using the published API to provide this functionality and share it with us.
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There is no standard OBD-Ii reading for fuel level. Some vehicles support it, others don't. Perhaps Automatic should have the option to enable it in the Pro adapter on a case-by-case basis.

That being said, you've been posting variants of the same theme in your messages for the last several days. I think it's great that you raise your concerns, but can please you do so contextually?

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