Mutiple Adapters and IFTTT recipe handling

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I have two automatic adapters for two cars. How does IFTTT work. Example: I want to set Nest as "Away" ONLY if both cars turn of ignition in an area. There are similar use cases where i would like to specify a particular car. Currently, it is not clear how the IFTTT recipe handles this. Can you please advise? Thanks!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Ramya,

Thanks for sharing your question with us, and welcome to the Automatic community! Unfortunately you cannot choose which car the rules/recipes apply to, this is a limitation of IFTTT. If you really want to make a car-specific recipe, you'd either need two separate Automatic accounts (which can be a bit tedious unless you have two phones) or you'd have to write your own app using our API.

I realize these aren't the most ideal answers, and I'm sorry about that. I hope this helps answer your original question, and please be sure to share any others with us – we're always happy to help. :)
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You don't need two separate accounts depending on what you want to do, and even in this case there is a way to make it work.  You could create two IFTTT recipes that fire based on ignition that update two separate spreadsheets (based on car name).  You could then have those two sheets feed into a third which tracks whether or not both cars are away from home.  If BOTH cars are away from home you could have it trigger a third IFTTT recipe (using the maker channel and google scripts) that controls the Nest.

As with most non-basic implementations of IFTTT it will take some time and knowhow, but it is possible.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled IFTTT Integration.

I am getting a second Automatic but I have a dilemma. When working with IFTTT.. I am guessing that the Automatic "Channel" will not give me the option to specify which car triggers each recipe? Your answer might be to just create a second Automatic ID however then I would still only be able to connect to one Automatic "Channel" within IFTTT. I probably would then have to create a second IFTTT ID as well, but then my Amazon Echo would not be able to see both cars? Correct? Echo sees both cars now so I would loose that functionality. Wouldn't it be easier to allow the user to select a specific vehicle within the automatic Channel? I know it has been done before because I sign into the Honeywell "Channel" but within the "recipe" I can select which of my 3 thermostats I want to trigger. These are all triggered by the same Honeywell "Channel" with one IFTTT account. Why Couldn't Automatic "Channel" just allow you to select the vehicle by vehicle name within the Automatic app?
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Hey Bryan,

I have moved your post over to this related topic.

Using IFTTT with two different cars is possible (depending on what you'd like to do), and you'll be able to do so by following the steps in Nathan's post above. If you could provide us with the recipe and what you are looking to accomplish, I'll be happy to help. Nathan may chime in as well, as he is really great with IFTTT.

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I would like to have my wifes car trigger my thermostat to away mode but not my car because I leave early in the morning and she's still here. Also I would like to have ifttt increment my odometer number separate from my wife's odometer number in numerous
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Thanks for getting back, Bryan.

So, your wife should have her own Automatic account. We really don't recommend users sharing accounts. That doesn't mean you can't share cars. There are many reasons for why this is an issue, all of which you can read about here.

To be honest, the easiest solution to this setup would be for you to both create your own IFTTT accounts. In order for her IFTTT recipes to run, she would need to have IFTTT set up on her phone and connected to the account that is setup with the adapter in her vehicle. Same would go for you in your car. You could still have that information feed to the same place, as long as you setup IFTTT that way.

By doing so, you could create your IFTTT account setup to have Numerous tally your miles, while your wife's account would have her own Numerous account and the Nest recipe.

I do realize that this is the kind of setup that you were looking to avoid, but IFTTT isn't really designed for multi-user.

With regards to the Amazon Echo setup, you would still be OK doing this since Echo will report back all vehicles that are on your account, and your wife's car could be a shared vehicle.

I hope this helps.

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