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Better multiple user capabilities.  I have 2 of these adapters (2nd Gen) in my car and my wife's car.  It would be nice to have them be all in one web interface even if (master account) so I could overlay the cars and the drivers.  One screen may show the map with the cars and driver listed on the side with check boxes.  I can then overlay if I just want one car but both driver, or I could I could check both cars but only one driver.  It would put them in different colors.  If I did both cars and both drivers, 4 colors.  This would be a great addition and cannot be that difficult to program.
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Marcus Johnson

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Hi, Marcus. It's surprising how difficult things can be to program! :) Thanks for the ideas, though. Multi-user + multi-car presents some interesting challenges but is an area that we'd love to make improvements to at some point. 
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I second the multi-car functionality.  I have a car (truck) that is basically just mine.  But my wife's car is the newest and is really our "family" car.  So while she never drives my bigger truck.  We both will trade driving her compact SUV car for family outings.  It is also much safer to take our 3 yr old around in.  
It would be nice if the Automatic did not care what phone it connects to.  Whichever one is in the uses for updating.  For example...since both phones would be connected to the same Automatic account...the phone in the car is the phone which it would recognize for any crash reporting data at the time it happens.  So you are not just linking one phone to the Automatic ID number...but can link multiple...and which ever one is connected to when driving is the one sending in data, etc...  It would also allow a family who share a car to generate two different driving profiles based on which phone is sending in the data.  When my wife would get tagged as coming from her phone... and thus be "her" driving record.  When I drive it and my phone is sending in the would get tagged and added to my driving "record".  then the driving habits over each individual could be separated out on the back end simply by whose phone was sending in the data while linked to the Automatic device at any given time.  

Just some thoughts.

Edit:  After reading some other threads on this issue...this may be a better way to say it as taken from other threads.  A "Vehicle centric" approach to the data...but where the driving stats on that one vehicle are added by multiple people from multiple mobile phone apps into one account.  And that data can then be simply tagged or filtered as whose phone it is coming from to further define whose driving habits are whose...and who has access to the full features at any one time.  the phone connected...or actually "driving".  
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Thanks for the suggestions, Brian. I'm curious -- right now do you and your wife each have your own account?
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My wife and I switch who is driving which car quite often and each have separate Automatic accounts. It is really important that we can have a single "master" view of the car for a complete driving history but our driving "stats" can be separated. This would especially be nice when our kids start driving. Also as a slight inconvenience, there are a lot of times I am driving but the adapter connects to her phone because she is in the car with me, it would be great to be able to switch between drivers (force the Bluetooth to change phones) inside the app.
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Hi, Myrddraal72. Thank you so much for your feedback! The multi-user and multi-car feature and function is definitely something that our team really wants to improve upon, so feedback like yours is very important to us :)

As for the adapter connecting to your wife's phone instead of yours when you are driving, the adapter connects to the first phone it “sees”, so we recommend that the user who is not driving turn off their Bluetooth when in the vehicle. For more info on how multi-user works with the 2nd Gen adapter, check out this FAQ.
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I would also like multi-account support. I do not need overlaid data. Could you make it easier to login to multiple accounts and switch between them. A parent might need access to a teen driver's account, but not want them to see theirs.
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The original post was referring to the older adapters and how multi-accounts work on them which is different than how it works on Pro (which currently is that all drivers share one account).

Please reference the new conversation here: Multi-account support in Automatic Pro

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