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Social network integration. I see this as FitBit for my car. I want to compare my driving with my friends, challenge them to games, etc. the possibilities are endless!
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Chuck Konfrst

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Posted 5 years ago

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Jason Terry

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i'm so down with this! i was just thinking about this on my way home tonight... i'd love to be able to share my week's score/current score via a number of social mediums... this would greatly add to my motivation to keep the little white box from chirping! ...particularly if i can challenge my wife :-)
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mark pelletier

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Yes, great idea, but we'd need more than whole number MPG values on the trip display to make this interesting.

Ljuba, this one's for you ;-)
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Chuck Konfrst

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Oh there's so much -

Hard brakes/hard accel
Most conservative driver
Most outrageous driver
Most idle
Longest commute
Longest/shortest distance
Leaderboards, badges, lions, tigers, bears!
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I'm all about this - the the Drive Score Games begin!
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Josh Coleman

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Compare MPG to other users with same car.

I think it would be interesting to see how my fuel efficiency stacks up against what other people are getting in the same kind of car. If there were some kind of ranking system it would definitely make me try to drive as efficiently as possible and get to the top of the list!
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I think it would be cool to have competitions with friends who have Automatic in their cars, much like how Fitbit has Weekend Warrior challenges (whoever gets the most steps/miles wins); Automatic could do whoever had the best score, or the least amount of hard brakes/fast accels, or even best mpgs. I think there are a lot of possibilities with this.

Along the same lines, being able to setup known friends who have Automatic Links, or even just people in the same area so you can compare drives.
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Thanks for the suggestions, Seth! I merged your post into a related idea topic that's currently under consideration.
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Genius idea.
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We do send monthly insights now that you can use to compare with friends. Sometimes they include how you stack up against anonymous drivers in your area or with your type of car. Our system doesn't have a notion of "friending" or connecting to other users which is where we'd be blocked on facilitating a comparison or competition with friends via the product. But I suppose a group of friends could organize this themselves using email, Facebook, Twitter or another communication channel where they could share their stats with each other.