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Very Impressed and Happy
I first tried the Vyncs OBD GPS tracker and ended up returning it to Amazon after numerous issues with it not performing the functions cl...
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Overview: Automatic Setup With Splunk
Setup AutomaticOverview: For this effort, you'll be working with Automatic and their instructions for obtaining access to their REST API...
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Sharing my Websockets Real-time Notification Script
In another thread I was asked to share my code for listening/receiving/processing real-time websocket notifications from the websockets a...
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Photo of Ed
Automatic to the Rescue.
This is the answers to your Crash Alert. Time of crash 8:16 7/6/17 I was hit Head On by another car. I was Moving 40 MPH All the airb...
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SmartClock and Automatic
Hey Everyone, Showing off an integration I did with my LaMetric Time (Smart/Connected clock) and Automatic Pro. I'm taking fuel level fr...
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